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I haven't been on this server long but from the things I've seen I believe there is a lot of room for improvement and the potential this server can have is crazy. The thing about pvm centric servers is that it gets to the point where the playerbase usually falls off or they go other places because they get bored from having everything in game. Who really wants an account with 10 t bows and only 20 active players. here are some things I have in mind to maybe make the wildy a bit more active and give pvmers and pkers a better expereince.

  • Have more wildy exclusive bosses that have high droprates
    -this will have it so pvmers can go make money but have enough risk so pkers can also make money.
  • More pk events
    -Maybe an HP event in wildy or burried treasure event in deep wild
  • Give Ironmen/UIM a much bigger drop rate in wilderness
    -This gives them alot more risk/reward to go into wildy and create that food chain that makes wildy active.
  • Tweak combat
    -theres no reason nightmare staff should be hitting constant 25s through prayer or DH should be hitting 50+ at full hp or Heavy bally should be hitting constant 0s through their robes and no pray
  • Add more things to the pkp shop make it more juicy.
  • Make more slots for non donars to create set ups. at least make it 3. only 2 slots is a bit ridiculous
  • Make rev caves singles+
  • Make a better bounty hunter system

Remember an active wildy is an active server, theres a way in which we can make PVM and Pking a balance money making method. There's no reason to sacrifice one to focus on the other.