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blue zushi

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What is your suggestion: My suggestions is an idea based off of the double xp and drop rate scrolls, i wondered if it might be an idea to add scrolls for things like x2 pc points that you can get from voting or maybe there's a rare chance of it coming from a pc game as well?

Who/what does your suggestion benefit: This benefits new and old players a like, it can be used by the players themselves to organise events etc or to encourage more people to go when they are brand new.

Any extra details: I've only suggested this one scroll so far because i wanted to see what people thought, good or bad. Let me know down below if you dont think its a good idea, say why! I wont be offended.

Many thanks

Zushi :)
Or maybe just add void to the vote shop. I know for a fact that not a single person here enjoys pc hehe :D
Also, we always keep double pc points on for those who want it so just let us know.