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RuneWars 3


Event Manager
Hey yall, Its time for another Runewars event!. This time we have lots of the kinks from the first 2 attempts out of the way. If you participated in the last Rune Wars you knew that it was my most successful event and everyone enjoyed it. Everything from the last rune wars will be the same gear wise. I will explain more details if you need it via pm or discord message.

-Everyone will be given the gear needed, my team will be zamorak and hidden kid will inform on his team either Sara or guthix.

-Players will be lined up before the event start and selected by each team captain

-The location will most likely be a PVP instance as its easier to control everyone

-The goal is to play 3 rounds best 2/3 but if we only can play one then it isss what it issss.

-More details will be released prior to the event start

-Time of event start will be at 2 pm PST on Wednesday 1-/28

-Reward is TBD this is based on the player count either a drop party will be given to the winning team or a handout