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Howdy yall :D. Today we will have a unique pvm event with a twist. After coming off two weeks of PVP content, we have decided to change it up a bit. This event isn't just another pvm mass as you might think, as we have come up with a unique way to make PVMing a little more competitive this week.

Event start: Friday, November 6th -November 13th time will be when I decide


The main goal of this event is to kill as many bosses for unique drops or pets as you can throughout the week. You can only get one of the same unique drops from a boss. For example, if you get a dragon pickaxe from Venenatis then you couldn't get another from her, but you could obtain one from Callisto. Each unique counts as 1 total point and each pet is 2-3 points depending on the boss. Points will be tracked by me throughout the week, and I'll try to keep you updated on whose winning.


1. When you get a unique or a pet drop you must send us a screenshot
2. Screenshots must contain the username and date of the screenshot. (use Loot tracker on Desktop)
3. Post the SS in this thread or pm me or hidden on discord -Doctor7up#4519 or HiddenKid#5443
4. Follow the rules of the bosses to be killed some are Disqualified from then event.

Failure to follow rules may lead to DQ or point deduction.

Disqualified bosses;
-King Black Dragon

First Place: 500m
Second Place: 250m
Third place: 150m
Most Pets: 50m
Most unique Drops: 50m

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