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Novea Updates 5/19/2022

Mr Sparc

Forums & Discord Manager

Hello Noveans!

Today's update will satisfy the needs of PVM'ers and PVP'ers!


The Revenant Boss

Rev Boss.png


The Revenant Boss has 3 different attacks

Basic Ranged Attack

Max Hit - 30
(15 with protect from missiles)

Basic Magic Attack
Mage attack.png
Max Hit - 30
(15 with protect from magic)

Special Magic Attack
Special Attack.png

Max Hit - 35
(20 with protect from magic)
This attack freezes you and also lowers your ranged level slightly by blinding you

To activate the Revenant Boss, players must kill revenants. The chances of spawning one are 1/64-80
The Revenant Boss will also activate every 8 hours if it has not been spawned.
The loot table for this boss can be found at the
::bestiary, by searching "Crystalline Hunllef"

With this new boss, comes the new,
Amulet of Avarice

This amulet gives you an additional 25% damage and 25% accuracy boost against Revenants
It also notes all revenant drops, and you are automatically skulled when equipping it

In other news...
- The Embodiment of Odin World Boss's Healing Orbs now are much more noticeable with graphics
- The World Boss bugging out issue has been patched (hopefully)
- Diango has packed up and left Edgeville, you may still find him in Draynor
- Spellbook Altars have been added to pvp instances (i.e. ::edgepvp)
- Rustin has been added to pvp instances (i.e. ::edgepvp)

Thank you all for your continued support!
If anyone has some ideas in mind or want to share your opinions for future updates, post in the #suggestions channel on discord!
And if any bugs are found in game, post in the #bug-reports channel in discord or pm Sparc blac#8735 !

Happy gaming,
Novea Staff Team
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i got to say that this is by far, the best (wildy) update in a long time, boosting both the pvp and pvm community and bringing life to wildy again, fantastic work sparc!