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Novea Updates 3/29/2022



Happy Easter Noveans!

Today, Novea is launching it's FIRST ever Holiday event!
Introducing, the Easter World Boss!

(Evil Chicken, Bloody Rabbit, Chocolate Kebbit)

Diango has arrived at Edgeville looking for help with a serious problem. The Easter Bunny's Special Easter Eggs have been stolen by three evil monsters. Diango is in town searching for a team of strong warriors to locate and take down these monsters in hopes of recovering the Easter Bunny's eggs. As incentives, the Easter Bunny has given Diango a fine collection of prizes to offer in exchange for his Easter Eggs back. Will you help Diango take down these evil monsters? If so grab a team and go hunting!

Every 3 hours for the duration of this event, an easter world boss will be spawning near the Falador area.
You may check the quest tab for information on when it may spawn.

The Evil Chicken
Evil Chicken.png
The Evil Chicken is a very powerful, magical chicken.
When it senses threats, it tends to summon evil, undead-chickens to feast off of in attempts to heal itself.

The Chocolate Kebbit
Chocolate Kebbit.png
The Chocolate Kebbit is another powerful magical creature. He is able to summon the forces of Chocolate to crush you under your feet.
He also has a tendency to fling chocolate eggs at anyone whom threaten him.

The Bloody Rabbit
Bloody Rabbit.png
Make no mistake, The Bloody Rabbit was once a cute little bunny before he got a taste of human blood and never looked back.
This powerful magical rabbit is not to be underestimated, as he moves with a quickness to fire off magical chocolate balls in your direction. Proceed with caution.

In order to get your hands on these monsters' Easter Eggs, you must do a minimum 250 damage to these bosses. You may further damage it 500+ to get a little more than you were expecting. Each of these bosses has their own unique drop tables that you must deal 500 damage to have a chance to roll. These drop tables are in the ;;bestiary as "Kebbit", "Rabbit", and "Evil Chicken".

Once you have gotten your hand on some of the Easter Bunny's Special Easter Eggs, make your way to Diango at home to take a look at some of the potential incentives.

(Tradable items include Easter Egg and Evil Chicken Outfit)

Diango is also offering daily eggs as incentives for mighty warriors to hunt down some Easter Bosses.
You may collect your daily eggs from the Loyalty Chest in Edgeville bank.

And finally, if you manage to take down 10 in total Easter Bosses, you will unlock a brand new ::yell title accessible from the makeover mage in Edgeville bank.
Divine Potions

You have ALL asked for it, we are listening! Introducing, Divine Potions!

Make your way to the Crystalline Cave to get your hands on the new Crystal Shard drop from Crystalline Creatures!


How it works:
You must use herblore to mix these potions
1 Shard = 1 Dose of divine potion

-Levels required-
97 Herblore : Super Combat
78 Herblore : Magic Potion
74 Herblore : Ranging Potion
70 Herblore : Attack, Strength, Defence
(Herblore Guide is updated in-game if you forget)


A new traveler and mixologist from the land of Nardah has made his way to our Donator Zone
Introducing - Zahur!

How it works
Zahur has the ability to take grimy herbs(noted) and clean them for a fee
He also is able to mix your clean herbs(noted) into unfinished potions for a fee
And lastly, he is able to condense your potions down to 1, 2, 3, and 4 doses

Simply use your herbs or potions on him to get started!

In other news...
The Theatre of Blood arrow-over-the-chest bug has been patched
- You no longer will lose rewards!

Volatile and Eldritch Staves' special attacks are now viable in pvp
- They no longer splash every hit

Skotizo's HP has been reduced to a manageable amount

All staves have been reworked to have the correct auto casting abilities
- This includes nightmare staves as well

The Third Age Ring has been added to the game, you can get them from third age mystery boxes

Ivandis Flail is now able to be purchased from Sigmund's shop as a cheap alternative staff

A new fireplace is now available in home bank for cooking

The Dragon Kiteshield Ornament Kit has been added to the Vote Shop

The new "Champion" title is now available for those whom have won 10+ tournaments

You can now sell several more items to sigmund (ex. dragonhides)

Korasi's Sword special attack has had it's accuracy boosted

Several items have had their correct level requirements and stats fixed

Several item's with visual bugs have been patched

Some animations for weapons have been cleaned up

Various other small bug fixes have been patched

Thank you all for your patience on this update, Happy Easter
- Novea Staff Team

G 1 3

Very good update ;), Player's seem to love it! every time iv been there has been a lot of players there ;) , Thanks again for the amazing updates!

~G 1 3
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