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Novea Updates 2/9/2021

Chris T

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Group ironman
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Hello Noveans,

Today we have a big game update which brings in new armours, bosses, 200M XP capes, increased droprates & more!

New Bosses & armour

There are 3 new world bosses that will spawn every 6 hours in the world of Novea.
These bosses are very strong and should be defeated by multiple players.
2 spawn locations are in the wilderness and 1 is outside of the wilderness.

The Winged Demon of Ra l Obelisk the Tormentor l Obodiment of Odin

Guaranteed drops will be obtained for every player that contributes atleast 400 damage.
A roll on the unique droptable is given if a player deals over 1500 damage.

New weapons & armours

These new bosses will drop the following Pre-EOC weapons & armours

Korasi's sword








200M XP capes

In an earlier game update we've introduced 10 new 200M XP capes.
Today we're expanding and adding the following remaining 200M XP capes.
The capes can be bought for 150M from King Arthur in the general store.

200m capes.png

  • 200M Agility cape​
  • 200M Attack cape​
  • 200M Crafting cape​
  • 200M Defence cape​
  • 200M Farming cape​
  • 200M Herblore cape​
  • 200M Hitpoints cape​
  • 200M Hunter cape​
  • 200M Prayer cape​
  • 200M Runecrafting cape​
  • 200M Smithing cape​
  • 200M Strength cape​
  • 200M Theiving cape​

Increased PVM dropates

We've gone back and forth about increasing PVM droprates, so that more items come into the game and stimulate a greater economy.
The following NPCs will have their droptable improved including said unique drops.

Lizardman shamans - Dragon warhammer
The Nightmare - Coins
Kalphite queen - Dragon chainbody & Dragon 2H sword
Corporal beast - Onyx bolts, Cannonballs & spirit shield
Demonic gorillas - Zenyte shard & improved rune drops
Commander Zilyana - All uniques
Kril Tsutsaroth - All uniques
Bandos - All uniques
Kree'arra - Armadyl godsword

Galvek - Dragon claws
Thermonuclear smoke devil - Occult necklace & Smoke battlestaff
King black dragon - All uniques
Rune dragons - Dragon limbs
Dark beast - Dark bow

Callisto - Coins & uniques
Crazy archeologist - Coins & uniques
Chaos fanatic - Coins & uniques
Venenatis - Coins & uniques
Vet'ion - Coins & uniques
Scorpia - Coins & uniques
Chaos elemental - Coins & uniques

Abyssal demon - Abyssal whip
Vorkath - Uniques & Dragon drops
Alchemical hydra - All uniques
Dagganoth rex - Berserker & Warrior ring
Spiritual mage - Dragon boots

The PKP shop has gotten a rework

PKP shop.png

All the prices of the PKP shop have been adjusted.
Along adjusted prices plenty of new items have been added to stimulate a bigger PKing community.


Skotizo's droptable has been added.
He can now be killed for various rewards including the Dark claw to make the purple slayer helmet!


QOL additions

- Rune,Adamant & Mithril darts have been added to Sigmund's shop
- Sigmund now also buys all bars, ores & logs
- Redwood logs can now be sold to Sigmund for 27K each.
- Ket'ian wilderness boss droptable has been buffed
- Battlemages now also drop wrath runes
- The crystal key chest droptable has been reworked
- Tzhaar ket (140 & 221 combat) now drop Obsidian armour
- Added QOL HP bar interface for The Nightmare boss
- Added Totem HP for The Nightmare boss


- Reopened Nightmare & fixed killing him during his waking up stage bug
- Fixed dagannoth kings not attacking in instances
- Multiple TOB safespots fixed
- Sanguinesti staff has been nerfed
- Puro puro imps now spawn randomly throughout the map and not in corner

Thanks for reading. Please remember to always report bugs and that you can suggest new updates here.
- Novea Development Team

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Fe Bulk

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Group ironman
Hope the Pernix hood doesn't look like that.

Are you going to release darts for iron shops as well?

Awesome that Skotizo has been added, been holding on my totems for a while now!

Good job!

Chris T

Staff member
Group ironman
Hope the Pernix hood doesn't look like that.

Are you going to release darts for iron shops as well?

Awesome that Skotizo has been added, been holding on my totems for a while now!

Good job!
Yea i could add them to the iron shop too but we'd have to ask what the community thinks as it might be easyscape, since ironmen are supposed to make their own supplies ^^


Super Donator
What kind of descriptions are you referring to?
In the trading post, when a player list the item for sale, there is only a picture displayed of the item. Nowhere does it say what the item actually is. It would be nice to see a feature that showed what the item is that is for sale. Maybe if you were able to hover over the icon of the item then it would display what it is. Even when you click examine, nothing shows up.


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Quality update Chris & team.

Something to finally encourage me to play again. I'll see you online ;)

Once I remember my damn password..

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