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Novea Updates 2/4/2021

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Hello Noveans,

Today we have a big game update which is catered towards moneymaking and a better economy flow.

Battle mages

Battle mages can be killed inside the mage arena in level 50 wilderness.
Only Magic attacks can be used to attack Battle mages and other players inside the mage arena.
Battle mages will drop cash and have a chance of dropping the Deadman supply chest key.
If killed efficiently the battle mages will average around 40-50m per hour.
Killing battlemages also gives you Battle points which you can spend in Kolodin's shop in the mage bank


Battle mage point shop


Sigmund the merchant

We've added loads of PVM unique drop items to Sigmund's Buy shop.
This was done for players to always be able to sell their drops regardless of there being a buyer or not.
We've also added various skilling supplies and other items that can be sold for a good price.
This will give players incentive to skill and make money doing so!


Other money maker improvements

  • Revenant caves drops have been significantly buffed and can be sold to Sigmund the merchant
  • Coin caskets money rates have been buffed
  • Pyramid tops from the agility pyramid at home now give 450K GP
  • Thieving stalls money rates have been buffed

The loyalty shop has gotten a rework


The appreciation point shop has gotten a rework


Tournament changes and additions

  • Inquisitor's armour tournament has been added
  • Karils Dharok tournament has been added
  • Max magic tournament has been added
  • Void Ranged tournament has been added
  • Vls has been replaced with AGS and D claws in the no armour tournament
  • BGS has been replaced with Elder maul in the pure tournament

Other changes

- Pest control boat timer has been fixed and departs every 2 minutes
- Bracelet of ethereum can now be dismantled with the right click option for additional 250 ether
- Buffed revenant ether drop amount
- ::resettask now costs 5M GP instead of 150K
- Tournament rewards have been buffed
- Deadman chest supply key droptable has been buffed

- Exodia droptable has been buffed to 5M GP per kill
- Ketian wilderness boss droptable has been buffed
- Vote mystery box has been buffed
- TOB droptable has been reworked and buffed
- Made Hellhounds, Black and greater demon tasks more common when picking hard slayer tasks
- Sigmund and King arthur have switched spots in Edgeville
- 200m XP cape costs are now increased to 150M GP
- Cave horror Black mask droprate has been buffed from 1/270 to 1/137
- Demonic gorillas Zenyte shard droprate has been buffed
- GWD minions attack accuracy has been nerfed
- GWD Godsword hilt droprates have been buffed
- All skin color scrolls now work from ::store and the Make-over mage at ::home

Store changes

  • Scythe of vitur has been added to the TOB section
  • Cosmetic section has gotten a rework
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Great update, will help new players get money fast and enjoy the game. Keep up the great work Chris and Lucas.