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Novea Updates 17/1/2021

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Hello Noveans,

Today we have a game long awaited game update coming to Novea.

The Theatre of Blood

  • theatre.png

    There are 6 different bosses in the theatre you'll have to defeat to be eligible for loot.

    The Maiden of Sugadinti


    At 70%, and 30% hitpoints, the Maiden will spawn two Nylocas Matomenos per player in the party, from the northern and the southern walls.
    These will walk straight toward her and heal her if they reach her.
    To stop this, players can freeze them with the help of Ice spells and then kill them while frozen.

    Every Nylocas that reaches the boss will heal her for two times their remaining health and increase the damage of her basic tornado magic attacks.
    The Maiden will also throw blood spots at each player, dealing large amounts of damage and healing her every tick if not dodged.
    They have a chance to become a blood spawn which will track randomly around the room, leaving a blood trail behind it also.
    If a player stands on the trail, it will damage them and heal the Maiden for the same damage taken, as well as increase the chance of a blood spawn appearing.

    Pestilent Bloat


    The bloat will walk around its room in a square as soon as the party enters the room.
    If any player is within its line of sight, the Bloat's flies will attack them, causing players to take rapid hits of 1-10 every tick until they are out of the Bloat's line of sight.
    This will spread to other players in the raid also and can therefore kill a party very quickly.

    After seven or fourteen cycles of mutilated flesh falling from the ceiling, it will stop moving, allowing players to attack it.
    After a few seconds, it will stomp the surrounding area, dealing large amounts of damage.
    If a player is hit by a mutilated flesh, it will deal 30–50 damage and stun them temporarily. Falling flesh can be evaded beforehand by looking for their shadow on the floor.
    The Bloat will also change direction randomly throughout the fight.

    Nylocas Vasilias


    Nylocas Vasilias is the third encounter in the Theatre of Blood, and spawns after killing off the hordes of Nylocas Hagios, Ischyros, and Toxobolos.
    It changes its combat style throughout the fight by changing its carapace, which also indicates its weakness: blue for magic, green for ranged and white for melee.
    It will change every 10 ticks (6 seconds), and it will always change to one of the other two styles (meaning it will not stay on one style twice in a row).



    Sotetseg is a dark beast that has been corrupted through Haemalchemy. It is the fourth encounter in the Theatre of Blood.

    Sotetseg stands immobile in the northern section of a 14×15 tiled arena. It launches small red projectiles which can be blocked with Protect from Magic.
    It also launches green projectiles which can be blocked with protect from ranged.
    If standing in sotesteg's melee distance he will melee you and hit 50% less damage on protect from melee.
    Sotetseg will also occasionally fire a large red ball at a single player. All players must stand within a 3×3 area of the targeted player to disperse the damage.
    If the player does not manage to put protect from magic on once the ball hits he will be 1 hit for full HP.



    Xarpus is the fifth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. The Yarasa King, Xarpus is the last of its kind, and was captured by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan to be used as a boss in the Theatre.

    Recovery (Phase 1): Severely weakened, Xarpus will channel the energy of the ground by exhuming a total of 25 skeletons to heal him for rapid bits of 6 health per tick for 15 ticks.
    This can be temporarily halted by standing on top of the exhumed remains.

    Poison (Phase 2): Xarpus starts attacking the players after enough time has passed from phase 1 and starts off with the amount of health he had starting from phase 1.

    He will launch poison at players surrounding him dealing rapid damage which will heal him in return.
    This poison then occupies that tile for the rest of the fight and deals 6-8 damage each tick a player stands on or crosses over it. Skipping over a poisoned tile will deal a delayed hit.

    Counter (Phase 3): Xarpus screeches once lowered below 22.5% of its health and stops launching poison around the arena, instead staring intently at one quadrant at a time.
    If a player attacks it from the area Xarpus is looking at, it will retaliate hitting a 50 and heal half of the damage you hit on him.



    Lady Verzik Vitur is a vampyre who rules over Ver Sinhaza. She is the hostess as well as the final boss of the Theatre of Blood, and currently the strongest monster in Novea.

    Verzik has 3 different phases. Each phase has multiple different attacks and mechanics.
    We reccomend using the OSRS wiki to learn all of her special attacks and mechanics.


    Common rewards
    • Arcane prayer scroll​
    • Dexterous prayer scroll​
    • Death rune​
    • Blood rune​
    • Swamp tar​
    • Coal​
    • Gold ore​
    • Molten glass​
    • Adamantite ore​
    • Runite ore​
    • Wine of zamorak​
    • Grimy cadantine​
    • Grimy avantoe​
    • grimy toadflax​
    • Grimy kwuarm​
    • Grimy irit leaf​
    • Grimy ranarr weed​
    • Grimy snapdragon​
    • Grimy lantadyme​
    • Grimy dwarf weed​
    • Grimy torstol​
    • Battlestaff​
    • Mahogany seed​
    • Rune battleaxe​
    • Rune platebody​
    • Rune chainbody​
    • Palm tree seed​
    • Yew seed​
    • Magic seed​
    Unique rewards

    • Scythe of vitur​
    • Sanguinesti staff​
    • Ghrazi rapier​
    • Avernic defender​
    • Justiciar faceguard​
    • Justiciar chestguard​
    • Justiciar legguards​
    • Lil Zuk Pet​

    Thanks for reading. Please remember to always report bugs and that you can suggest new updates here.

    - Novea Development Team​
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Christmas may be over but I just love this map It is well thought out and has a great feel to it. I could play this map all year round


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