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Novea Updates [17/09/2020]

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Hello Noveans,

Today we have a game update including the long awaited 200M XP capes and lots of bug & QOL fixes.

200M XP capes


10 new 200M XP capes have been added.
King arthur at ::home sells the capes for 50M each in his shop.
These 200M capes can only be worn if they player has achieved 200M XP in that skill.
Some of these capes have their own respected perks, and others still need to be given perks.
The remaining capes will be added in a future game update.

Perks include the following:

  • Magic = + 25 magic attack bonus, +25 magic defence bonus, +4% magic damage bonus
  • Ranged = + 20 ranged attack bonus, + 20 ranged defence bonus, + 6 ranged strength bonus
  • Construction = No perk yet
  • Firemaking = No perk yet
  • Fletching = No perk yet
  • Fishing = Gives you noted fish in your inventory
  • Cooking = Never burn any fish
  • Woodcutting = Gives you noted logs in your inventory
  • Mining = Gives you noted ores in your inventory
  • Slayer = 10% droprate increase from any NPC

Bug Fixes

  • Banking over max cash and GP dissapearing bug has been fixed
  • Multiple nightmare boss bugs have been fixed
  • Ironman can now wear the dragon scimitar in ::tournament without completion of the jungle demon achievement
  • Autocrafting more then 1 jewelry piece at a time is fixed
  • Dwarf cannon doesn't give HP experience anymore
  • Fixed being stuck when teleporting to POH
  • Abyssal demons in katacombs of kourend are now aggresive
  • Hydra and twisted slayer helms now have the right slayer bonuses and check task options
  • Fixed zulrah not facing the right direction when spitting smoke
  • Fixed arrows dropping under zulrah on tiles where they cannot be retrieved
  • Fix steel & mith bar smithing coal requirement to be 50% of 07 (steel now 1 coal, mith now 2 coal)
  • Fix Slayer Master giving wilderness tasks even when you don't ask for them
  • Null drop from bloodvelds fixed
  • Giant mole digging too often bug fixed


  • Mobile chatbox is now transparent (more mobile updates coming)
  • Autocast has been fixed on mobile
  • Can now right click to practice any wave on the inferno
  • Inferno teleport added to the teleport wizard: minigames- inferno
  • ::tournament teleport now teleports you to the right location
  • Krystillia has been relocated next to edgeville bank
  • Zulrah unique droptable has been nerfed
  • Nightmare droptable has been buffed
  • Magic stone ID in construction shop is changed to the right one
  • Bracelet of Ethereum droprate from revs has been buffed
  • ::Vote reward now boosted from 250k to 1M GP
  • Inquisitor's armour now has the right stat bonusses
  • Inquisitor's mace attack speed has been changed from 5 tick to 4 tick
  • All untradeables are now kept in any wilderness level (including slayer helmets and void)
  • Players now get 5k agility XP for completing a pyramid lap
  • Removed some outdated ::broadcast messages
  • Harmonised nightmare staff now has the 15% magic damange boost
  • The northern shortcut at the dark essence mine now works
  • Pipe shortcut at alchemical hydra now works
  • Yew trees at Varrock castle can now be cut
  • Agility shortcut in woodcutting guild to get to ents now works
  • Group ironman icon has been added

    The following items can now be attached:

  • Alchemical hydra heads + slayer hlmet = hydra slayer helmet
  • Hydra leather with a hammer = Ferocious gloves
  • Boots of stone + Drake's claws = Boots of brimstone
  • Kodai insignia + master wand = Kodai wand
  • Bludgeon axon + Bludgeon claws + Bludgeon spine = Abyssal bludgeon

Thanks for reading. Please remember to always report bugs and that you can suggest new updates here.
We're open to hearing potential perk additions for the 200M capes that don't have any yet.

- Novea Development Team

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Amazing update, happy it's finally here :). As for the 200m capes, I have a couple ideas. The construction cape should grant access to building any hot spot with no materials. Firemaking should reduce all wintertodt damage to zero. And fletching could grant gp per log fletched, or automatically enchant all bolts fletched. Just some ideas, I couldn't think of anything worse/better for 200m xp in those skills.


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Some other bugs that could be easily fixed include:
- The null drops from mummies, nature implings
- The appreciation points notification from voting
- puro puro could use a major update (nothing too hard, just the spawning of imps)
- an updated ::commands list
- clue scrolls only giving cash