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Novea Updates 12/24/2022

Dad Sparc


Merry Christmas Noveans!
Today the new Christmas event has been launched into the game!

To get started with the event, head over to Hameln, the Jester at home!
quest start.png

Featured in this event, alongside a mini-quest comes a brand new boss!

Glod is a powerful, multi-boss with several attacks to watch out for!
Glod has the chance to drop Novea's first-ever tradable and custom pet, the Penguin!

For the Christmas event, players may grab a present from the Christmas Tree at home once every 24 hours!

Donators will have a 10% chance of sneaking a second present from the tree!

Players will also find snow piles throughout the home area. Gather up snow and pelt your friends to gain Snowball Points.
You may spend these points in a new shop located @ home. Some of these rewards are tradable, and you may view your snowball points in the quest tab!

Now available in the Donator Store,
Ancient Caskets!
These BRAND NEW boxes are much better than any boxes in the store and have a slight chance of pulling Nex gear.
Yours truly, Chris, will be posting a video opening soon Noveans.

The In-game Credit Donator Store is now on Special pricing for the holidays!
The following items are on sale in the In-game store!

Ancient Caskets - 200 150
Super Mystery box - 100 85
Mystery box - 50 45
Pet Mystery box
- 250 200
3rd Age Mystery Box - 200 150
PVP Mystery Box - 250 150
Prayer Scrolls
- 400 300
Christmas Cracker
- 2000
Santa Hat
- 750
Wise Old Man Santa Hat - 2500
Sled - 1200 750
Santa Outfit - 2500
Anti-Santa Outfit -

In other news...
- Big things are coming soon Noveans
- Ranger gloves stats have been corrected
- Divine potions have been rewritten to avoid any problems
- All mystery boxes have been rewritten, now with counters and broadcasts
- Corp now broadcasts loot drops
- A new Christmas Title is now unlockable
- Some random, out-of-place NPCS have been removed

Thank you ALL for another amazing year with Novea, we as the staff team hope to continue to serve this community and bring quality updates for yet another year.
Happy holidays Noveans,

- Novea Staff Team

*Some changes were made to the process of buying credits, be sure to read the changes here*