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Novea updates 10/28/2022

Mr Sparc

Forums & Discord Manager

Hello Noveans!
Following today's restart, some minor changes and bug fixes were implemented into the game.

Players may now Upgrade their Trident of the Seas and Trident of the Swamp!
Sacrifice 10 Kraken Tentacles to upgrade the staff to 20,000 charges.
Speak to Drunken Ali to get started!


In other news...
- DKS aggression range has been fixed
- Zulrah can no longer be attacked with Melee
- The Chaos altar's around the game do not function as wilderness ones now
- Angelic Donators fight caves have been fixed
- The Dragon Spear can no longer push Combat Dummies
- Some lock issues have been resolved
- The Totem drop rates and Ancient Shard drop rates in the Catacombs have been increased.

More is to come soon Noveans!

Happy Gaming,
- Novea Development Team