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Novea Updates 1/31/23

Dad Sparc



Hello Noveans!
Following today's restart, some minor changes and bug fixes were implemented into the game.

Glod Returns!

Glod will now be spawning every 50 Votes claimed on the server!
He has a brand new juicy drop table, and mechanics to enjoy!
Players must deal at least 500 of the 5000 HP in order to grant a chance at a unique drop!

Weapon Attack Sounds
Some of our weapons have been overhauled with new sounds (versus having no sounds before XD)

- Armadyl crossbow
- Saradomin sword
- Blessed Saradomin sword
- Statius's Warhammer
- Vesta's Longsword
- Vesta's Spear
- Dragon Claws
- Dragon Sword
- Dark Bow
- Morrigan's Javelins
- Morrigan's Throwing Axe
- Diamond Bolts
- Onyx Bolts
- Ruby Bolts

Dinh's Bulwark
The Dinh's Bulwark now has its Special Attack!

Kill Counters
New Kill Counters have been added to the following bosses -
- Galvek
- Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
- Nightmare
- Alchemical Hydra

In other news....
- Corporeal Beast now only heals HP when leaving the room. It's drained stats remain drained.
- The Ghrazi Rapier is now the best-in-slot weapon for Corporeal Beast
- The Ring of the Gods + (I) have had their stats fixed
- Iban's Staff has been fixed for Ironmen
- Bones to Peaches and Bones to Banana tablets have been added to Sigmund for regular players
- Marks of Grace have been fixed for the Pyramid
- Marks of Grace across the board are now a bit easier to obtain
- Instances for GWD have been fixed
- The Opal Bolts now have their proper enchant effect
- Ironman titles have had the helmet added to them
- World Boss now drops superior dragon bones
- To compensate for RuneList being flakey, Runelocus now gives +1 extra vote ticket!

Thank you all for your continued support, big things are to come Noveans <3
- Novea Staff Team

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