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Novea Updates 1/16/23

Dad Sparc



Hello Noveans!
Following today's restart, some minor changes and bug fixes were implemented into the game.

Exodia Timer
The Donator Boss now has a quest tab - timer.
Click it to see how many kills you have left for the day!


Iban's Staff (U)
You may now purchase and use the Iban's Staff (u) from Sigmund


Agility Pyramid
You may now earn marks of grace from completing the Agility Pyramid at home!
This minigame now also has the highest rates for the Agility Pet!


In Other News...
- Christmas has been concluded, Glod is temporarily being renovated, and the snowball shop will remain open for a while
- All drop broadcasts have been overhauled and fixed for proper killcounts
- Players may now use presets in the donator zone bank
- Scarabs are slightly more common from wallsafes
- The agility pet has been boosted across the board
- The Spinner bug at Pest Control has been patched

More is to come soon Noveans!

Happy Gaming,
- Novea Development Team