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Novea suggestions - please read

Iron Ezpz

Hey guys,
For those who dont know me I've been playing Novea since release and its really sad to see player numbers decline so i have a few ideas for some stuff that could be fixed to maybe help

-Raids 2
-Make raids 2 scale based off player numbers, it's a daily struggle to get players who actually want to do ToB and i think this would be a very welcome change
ToB is very risky because if you die its done - try again no respawning if you wipe i think this server should aim to have ToB times like this:

3-4 man tob should take roughly 20-30mins
Duos 30-40mins
Solos 40-50mins

Currently it is possible to do solo/duo but both take well over 60mins remember its high risk if you die solo, gg.

-Vorkath/Divine potions
-Vorkath is pretty dead content the only real bonus is being able to use superior dragon bones to make super antifires and to get his head
I think another welcome change would be to make Vorkath the main ingredient for Divine potions this would be great and it would make this boss actually done again

-A proper boss/collection log
-This would be a really nice edition for the people that do stick with this server and put in some serious work to be able to show progress/drop logs.

-Make tournaments only need 2 people. make it bannable if you put an alt account in there.

-Nightmare has been broken for a very long time,
and also needs to have the same change as osrs making a solo variant of this boss.

-I also think making rev weapons dismantle for ether would be a great idea also

-Add an afk timer so people log after how ever long online. this game is currently afk scape its annoying and misleading.

This is just a small list in what could be done to this server, tell me what you think.

Fix shit before adding random nex armor please xoxoxoxox


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I think you definitely have a lot of good suggestions here, some that have been said, some that haven't. In regards to your suggestion on the tournament changes - rarely do I ever see anyone having trouble with getting a tournament to start honestly. They're only every 6 hours so people do cherish/look forward to the opportunity to participate. Nightmare has been down for a while, but it is currently being looked at as we speak, and hopefully will be up in the near future. A collection log would be a really cool feature - mentioned plenty of times but as you're probably aware, developing takes time and patience. The vorkath idea isn't too shabby either - would possibly bring some life to vorkath. Good suggestions - we are constantly working in the backend of things to bring you guys updates and fixes, these things just take time <3.