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Nice meeting y'all!


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Too be honest, starting a thread like this is something I usually don't do. I'm more of a lay-low, keep your head down type of person. Today is the first exception.

My name is Nick, am 22 years old and from The Netherlands. I'm a massive football fan and I support Ajax Amsterdam. That's about as far as I'd go on personal level.

I used to PK alot in my younger years. The last time I played RS was on a old pk-based server called Battle-scape. This one went down like 4 or 5 years ago, since then I haven't touched any RSPS or RS in general. Even the Iron man mode for me was relatively new.

Anyways, without further rambling. Ingame I'm Kova too, playing as an Iron man. Because I'm busy with my profession in real life at the moment, I'll be mostly playing afk or doing afk-able skills.
Eventually though I'll be #1 iron man on here. Watch out for me. :)


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Hello man!

Welcome to the server and goodluck on the grinds!
If you have any questions feel free to pm me (as I'm ironman also)

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Welcome and goodluck on the ironman title brother!
We'll be keeping an eye out on the hiscores to see your progress ;)


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You're going to have to compete with me young buck ;)... but on the real if you need any advice or help let me know haha