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Level 1 to 99 with Woodcutting / Fletching / Firemaking AIO Guide


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Start off at home by purchasing a Tinder Box and Appropriate Hatchets from Sigmund.


Your inventory needs to have a TinderBox, Knife, and Hatchet (unless you can wield it)


When you are ready, walk to Novea Wizard


Choose Skilling > Crafting > Flax Field


This area will give you space for FM and the ability to get all three skills to 40.
During your time in the area be sure to only make arrow (and then javelin) shafts.


Once you reach a high enough level for willow (I waited till 35 FM and 35 Fletch)
head north past the bank where you will find Willow and Maple trees.


Once you have 75 woodcutting you can now go back to home and teleport to the Woodcutting Guild with Novea Wizard.


General > Guilds > Woodcutting


Continue north and you will find maples.
If you continue further north you will come to the area for 75 - 99 in all 3 skills.
Here you can take turns doing Bows(u) and burning inventories.


As shown in the picture there is also a deposit box.

Hope you enjoyed my quick guide to three level 99's
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