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Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #4 [FINAL]

Iron Mark

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Hey y'all,

As some off you know I maxed yesterday. I've used all my double exp scrolls on the skills i didn't had 99 yet.
My last skill was slayer which was in my opinion a hell to train till level 99... BUT! Thanks to "NotACatFish" i've gotten it very quickly. The key to succes (99 slayer) is to get nechryael's as task and burst them on 2x or 4x exp. This will get you like 1/3 milion slayer experience per hour.

Unfortunately I still can't upload any images due to a bug on forums atm. Anyways, as I said.. I'm maxed right now and now its time to hunt for best in slot armour for mage/range/melee and also can start the grind for skilling and boss pets!

Enough been said, hope y'all enjoyed those road to max cape series and y'all see me later again with some new posts when I reach some new stuff.