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Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #3

Iron Mark

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Next episode of me Grinding for that max cape..

First of all, in this post are no pictures about my progress due to some problems with inserting images on this post. Thomas knows about this and will fix this kind of problem soon.

Total level progress post #2: 1827
Total level: 2052/2277
Levels gained: 225

Lets start about the gear grind.
For the gear unlocks i'll try to get another magic fang to get myself the Toxic staff of the death, a tanzanite fang to make myself a blowpipe and also i might start to kill Kree'arra to hopefully get myself some Armadyl gear for Ranged.

Also i've been grinding pest control on the double pest control point rewards. I've got 1264 pest control points and i've bougth myself full void, including: Void melee helm, Void rangers helm, Void mage helm, Elite void top, Elite void robe and the Void knight gloves. Void will help me to boss way more easier so this is a decent gear unlock.

I've won some tournaments too, such as Max no armour (melee) and 45 defence melee.. I'm not the best on the nh tournaments but i'm getting better and better every time i participate. :p

My goal for the next episode: 2200 total level.

This was it for this episode for Road to Max cape.
Hope y'all enjoyed and onto the next post!