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Introduction - D3xterr


Hello Novea,

My name is Chris (D3xterr) and I'm about to turn 29 years of age at the end of September. I'm from Orlando, FL (Born and Raised - aka FL0GR0WN). I'm a full time Law Enforcement Officer with a little over 7 years of experience and love what I do. I'm currently trying to transition over to another agency for better pay/benefits/opportunities and working on my 2 year degree. I love to play video games, spend time with friends, outdoor activities, travel and drink some good beers. I love watching football, hockey and mma.

I love country music and metal core/rock music and have an amazing time rocking out at concerts. I hope to meet you all in game, have conversations and hopefully grow my account/gear over time.

Thanks, D3xterr

Chris T

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Group ironman
Welcome Chris!

Glad to have you join Novea and our friendly community.
I'm wondering what the Shield life banner means?

Ps Chris's are pretty cool ;)