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Hey guys. Nice to be apart of the community

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Hey everyone. So as you may see. My name is Zay. But in-game im *Zayyy*
i started a few days ago and its been really fun and comfortable chilling with everyone who IS active.
pretty sure i plan to stay awhile.

Alittle about myself:
Im a red head latino from New york.(salvadorian/colombian) im bi-langual
i have a 7 year old daughter which is my everything.
im a chef at a country club.
I love cars.
My favorite color is blue
im 25 going on 26
i like to chill back and have a good time on the game, guess u guys can kinda call me a joker cus im forever playing around
and yea. feel free to hit me up whenever im on. im sure youll see me in-game
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