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Get the staff wasted!-live stream with spoilers!

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Hello everybody Nighthawk here :D this weeks event is a pretty interesting one as it is going to be very funny.
We had some staff members volunteer for this event, some names such as "Chas" and even that one guy "248".
The purpose of this event will be to support Novea while getting some juicy information about Novea from these 2 gentlemen.

The event or more of a live stream will begin at 11 pm GMT Saturday of this week.

A bonus thing is some staff members will also be asked some questions so you can know more about us and get to know us; this will take place during the live stream as well!

-Every 200 credits that are donated will be one-shot for each staff member
-The live stream will be held on youtube and discord with the staff members involved.
-The credits must be traded 2 either Chas or I
-248 will be hosting a drop party during the event for people in the live streams(join the stream boyz so you know where the DP is happening.)

-Credits that are given will be put into a pot and 3 random names will be drawn for the credits donated for the event!
Names of players who donated and the number of credits will be put into the raffle list, for each 200 credits it is another entry into the drawing (SO GET THEM WASTED).

Cracking open a new bottle just for Novea.
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