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Galvek made EZ =)

i dont bot

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Hey guys ! Here's a short but sweet guide for Galvek.

Listed below will be different load out combinations you could possibly do.

It is HIGHLY recommended to bring a bgs/dwh/swh to lower galveks defence levels.
Not 100% needed but will make the kill much faster.

galvek load out 1.PNG

^if you have a large bank with a tbow.. this is the way to go!

Galvek load out 2.PNG

^void setup with swh/bp

Galvek load out 3.PNG

^void set up with bgs/bp

galvek load out 4.PNG

^blowpipe/bgs set up with out void. (can use morrigans, black dhide, armadyl. Whatever you can afford!)

galvek load out 5.PNG

^this is the more budget friendly set up, kills will take longer with out blowpipe or tbow, but its still easily doable !
(can use rcb, acb, whichever you can afford or have)

Now the hides/boots/shields whatever you see above can be replaced with whatever gear you have thats best in slot.
those were just a few examples =)

Make Sure though you have 1 range pot 1 combat(if you have a spec weapon to lower def) 1 antifire, and 1-3 restores(i bring 2 with my tbow set up but don't even use a full pot just to play it safe) a few karambwans in case you get hit high and need to combo eat!

Here is the drop table for this boss!

Below is a youtube video of the full Galvek kill with my set up that i use.
In the video you will see where i stand, it will show you tips through out it as well on where to go, what look out for ect, so make sure you pay attention! =)

*ps ignore the typo in the beginning of the video :mad:*

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Amazing Guide, i Don't bot, I'll definitely have to watch it quite a few times (As i'm clueless) I've gotta get my prayer up, then I'll try and have a go at this if I've got the required gear.



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I have killed Galvek quite a few times but have definitely learnt a few things from your guide. I wasn't aware that the super extended antifire offered full protection from Galvek. I also didn't realise you could SWH as I thought there was a barrier between them and you.

Really nice guide! will try and do some galvek today.