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Future content ideas?

Mr Green

Evil trees for wc, maybe drop 1-200 magic logs or some sort of currency used in skilling shop for outfits or maybe skilling box which would give a random amount of raw material

Crashed star for mining, yes there's mlm but star dust could be a tradeable which could act as a small money sink, dust would get you things like certain elegant pieces or fashionscape 25k dust for d pick?I

The farming boss
(forget the name) because well who likes the farming grind? Can be a good way for iron man to collect seeds,herbs

Prestige system for those die hard grinders that love a 99 or 10 on the weekend, prestige shop could have a version of the mystery box or a select variety of items not tradeable which would just show a players achievement

Blast furnace just because MLM is here and it kinda bugs me a

Wilderness keys to increase its popularity, either a RED PK key or BLUE PVM key, possibility for low tier pk items, Dragon knives, arrows, nh gear...supplies and even high tier such as vesta
Pk bots, because a lot of us suck at pking and Would be cool to learn and maybe sometimes get a decent drop.

Maybe some more features to d zone for the first tier of the island, or if not the island maybe some more/better benefits

More achievements and buff certain 200m capes

World boss not just wildy boss, although wildy boss is dope certain people (me being one) aintt trying to kill it cus well it's wildy and SKULL

Would personally like to see more variety in the donator shop, more cosmetic outfits
I will touch up on this when I'm not as baked as I currently am, feel free to drop your own in the comments also
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