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This is a quick suggestion for the forums. Adding formats will keep things organized and straight to the point.
Such as:

What is your suggestion: Adding formats to certain threads
Who/what does your suggestion benefit: It will benefit the staff members by keeping the threads organized and straight to the point.
Any extra details: I have used formats and many others on forums and it really does help out. It is not a necessity or urgent but will keep things organized and easier for staff to understand the suggestion. You could also add formats to staff applications, bug and player reports, and other topics to the forums to keep things clean.
Thank you for reading my small suggestion. -RuneChronic-
Hi guy. We do have formats for player reports and staff applications but for some reason they're not posted on here. Maybe I can try and add them.
Also, making a format for suggestions is kinda hard because usually people just get an idea and elaborate on it. Great suggestion guy :D