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Flower Poker Tournament 10m Buy-In

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Flower poker tournament!


When? 18:00 UTC Sunday 7/19

Where? ;;LMS

The only thing you need to do to join this flower poker event is pay 10m cash. No items.

Reply here or PM Slepz on discord and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

The signup deadline is 12:00 UTC Sunday 12/7. At this moment we will generate random brackets with everyone in it who signed up for the tournament.

Each player is allowed to join with ONE account. That means ONE account per player. Any player that is found to have more than one entry will be disqualified and jailed for 300 stones.

We will supply you with mithril seeds to plant the flower if you don’t have any yourself.

Flower poker rules

You plant 5 mithril seeds every round

5 different flowers is a bust

2 flowers of the same colour is one pair and beats a bust

2 pairs beats one pair

3 of a kind is 3 of the same flowers and beats 2 pairs

A full house is one 3 of a kind and a pair and beats 2 pairs

4 of a kind is 4 of the same flowers and beats a full house

5 of a kind is 5 of the same flowers and beats 4 of a kind

Planting a white or a black flower means a replant. It’s also a replant if a player plants the same as it’s opponent.

Now the most important part…


First place – Choice of spirit shield (or 200m)

Second place – Anguish and a blowpipe (or 100m)

Third place – Primordial boots (or 50m)
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