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Find the Goody Bag with proof of Vote

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Find the Goody Bag.

McTerso and Myself will both be hosting Goodie Bags through out the days.
Check with both of us when online to make your guess.
We are both going to have different items from Fury(s), Berserker Rings, Clue Reqrds, Abbyssal Dagger (p++), Abyssal Bludgeon, Bandos Armor, and so much more.

1) Post a picture here on this forum post every time you vote (must be of you inventory and show your user name in the bottom left corner) WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING IN-GAME TRADING UNLESS YOU SHOW US THE MYSTERY BOX UNOPENED.
2) Once you post your picture you can message me on Discord (I will get online asap according to my schedule and try to handle groups all at once).
3) We do not want a bunch of alternative accounts that you just make for this event, don't do it. (I'm serious, I will not trade anyone under level 300 total level or reply)


Every 12 hours you can vote, if you post your picture here of your prizes (as mentioned above)
you will be granted 1 chance at a inventory slot to guess of mine.
These slots will have prizes randomly placed and if you guess the correct one you get that prize.
I will be changing these slots every time someone guesses, so don't expect the same slot to be filled or empty.

Like I said simple and sweet, may the luckiest player win =)

Prizes bellow as well as what your posted picture should look like.
It is easy and you click the "Insert Image" tab above.
If you have issues posting a picture on forums please ask for help on discord.

We need votes, and have been put back on Rune Locus so now is the time to get Novea to the top.

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