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Couple suggestions for improvement


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Hi guys in this thread i'll be posting a couple of suggestions to improve the server aswell as some suggestions i'd love to see ingame.Kappa

1) Fix the bug where you can't attack NPCs from certain angles.

This is probably something that's already been suggested and worked on, tho it's a common bug that I've been experiencing since I started playing this server.

2) A change of rewards in the tournament store (Blood money)

As a group Iron man the mystery boxes aswell as the Super mystery boxes are a great source of gathering uniques.
But the blood money store is a bit outdated.

Suggestions to put in the store:
  • Cooked anglers (5 bloodmoney for 25-50 anglers)
  • Saradomin brews (1 blood money for 1 brew or 10 bloodmoney for 10 brews)
  • Variety of pots (Supercombats, super restores, stamina's, prayer pots)
  • Arrows/bolts/darts

In other words supplies to pk/pvm since the tournament is Pk orientated.

In my opinion adding these items wont harm the economy at all.

3) Fix the icon for group ironman accounts

Since the start I've been waiting for an icon next to my name since I'm a group ironman.
Maybe add a custom emblem for group ironman?

4) Donator-zone additions

I don't really have any suggestions to add for the donator zone but donating under $50 gives me the feeling I don't gain anything while using the donator zone.
Not really any benefits for people that donated a lower amount of money.

5) Bank placeholders chargeable items (Trident, blowpipe, Serpentine helm,...)

When having placeholders for chargeable items they sometimes put them in a different space when it doesn't have the same amount of charges as your placeholder. (Weird sentence ikr)
At some point it just incerts the items anywhere in your bank. (Sucks when your bank is well organised)

6) PVP-shop or DMM-chest for ironman?

Wondering why the PVP-shop or DMM-chest is not available for ironman or group ironman.
I like to pk from time to time, I don't mind leaving the loot on the floor but why are iron/groupironman not able to loot the DMM-chest or access the pvp shop?

7) Shared storage in raids for group ironman

Also something that has to be fixed since group ironman can trade with eachother I wonder why we're not able to use the shared storage in Raids.

8) Dark relics from raids

A common raids drop that should provide players with experience in a skill.

How it works in rs:

If the chosen skill is one of the skills used in the Chambers of Xeric – combat skills, Mining, Woodcutting, Herblore, Farming, Hunter, Cooking, Fishing, Thieving, Firemaking or Agility – the player will receive 150 times their level in that skill as experience. If the chosen skill is not on this list, the player will instead only receive 50 times the corresponding skill level as experience. Construction is not included in the list of skills that receive an additional experience bonus, despite it being used to build storage units.

Maybe add some different xp rates for Novea?

9) Crafting rings!

Last but not least, crafting rings.. Been suggested many times before and also told that it has been worked on.
When crafting rings you can only craft 1 ring at a time which makes crafting rings of recoil a real b*tch.

Please fix this asap.

Looking forward to seeing some of these bugs fixed aswell as new content added to the game.
Share your thoughts on these updates and all feedback is welcome.

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Nice suggestions!

Also some suggestions to have a look at :

Instances bug
since I'm in the same group as Mopperd we we're grinding some godwars bosses. At some moments we've spended 5m on making instances which were bugged.
If you make an instance and you go into the room, you can not attack the monsters inside.

Group Ironman instance
Make the instances accesable for group ironman, so we can do bosses in our group.