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Welcome to Novea, Lets get started.

Step 1 - Vote

Create your account and login to the game. You will be greeted by a small tutorial to teach you the basics. Next we want to get some starter gear, and for that we need money.

In your chat type ";;vote". You will be taken to the voting page for 3 sites. Vote on all of these. Note: On mobile you may have to request to view as desktop version.

Once you have voted on all 3 sites, return to the game and type ";;claim". You will recieve 1m GP, 4 Voting tickets, a double xp scroll and a vote mystery box. You can do this every 12 hours.

You can choose to keep these, or sell them. I would suggest you sell the vote box. This can be listed on the trade post for anywhere between 7m-10m gp. For a quick sale go towards the lower end. This will give you your started cash. If you choose this route skip to step 3. If you choose to open it, continue to step 2.

Step 2 - Base 40 Combat and Agility Pyramid.

Grab your starter weapon and head to the teleport wizard located just north-west of the bank. Select the following;

Teleport -> Monsters -> Beginner -> Cows

From here either walk north and kill chickens, or south to kill goblins. Level your attack, strength and defence up to 20. Once 20, move on to the nearby cows to achieve 40 attack, strength and defence.

Once achieved, click your home teleport in your spell book to return back to Edgeville. Make sure you have the starter food on you, which you may need to unnote, and make your way south to the agility pyramid. Make your way up and around the pyramid to grab a pyramid top. Note: Agility level does not affect the failure rate, this is always 50/50.

Each pyramid top can be used to open the Sacrophagus. This will reward you with 200k GP each time, and a few random items. Do this 5 times to gain 1m GP.

Step 3 - Shopping

Head to the north-west building where you will find a variety of shops. I will not discuss these here as they are shown in other guides. Buy the following from Sigmund.

  • Rune Scim
  • Rune plate and legs
  • Dragon Scim
  • Amulet of glory
  • Helm of Neitiznot
  • Barrows gloves
  • Climing boots
  • Anti dragonfire shield
  • 200 Iron knives
  • Green D'hide top and bottoms
  • Ava's accumulator
  • Coif
  • Staff of Fire
  • 100 Mind runes
  • 1000 Air runes
  • 500 Chaos runes
  • Mystic top and bottom

This will come to a total price of 900k. You can spend the remainder as you please on pots or food. You should buy some antifire potions here to use later.

Step 4 - Base 70 Combat Stats

Time to get base 70 combat stats. Head back to the teleport wizard and select the following;

Teleport -> Monsters -> Beginner -> Sand crabs

I would suggest you use your first double xp scroll here, but if you would prefer to save it that is fine. Kill the sandcrabs until you have achieved 70 in attack, strength, defence, range and magic. This will give you decent stats going forward.

Step 5 - 43 Prayer

Grab your magic gear, including the glory, barrows gloves and anti fire shield and use the wizard to teleport to taverly dungeon. Follow the dungeon round to the blue dragons. Head up the stairs located in the north-east corner of the dragon room. At the very top of these stairs, you can safe spot the dragons using Fire Bolt.

I recommend you do 2 trips and gain at least 50 dragon bones to ensure you have enough. Once you have the bones, you have two choices.

1) Use the Wilderness altar, this will provide approximately 1.5k xp each bone with a 50% chance of saving a bone.
2) Use a gilded altar in a player house. You will need to ask around to use this, and will likely need to obtain 4 marrentils and a tinderbox.

Which ever you choose, you should definitely have enough bones for 43 prayer.

Step 6 - Exploring Novea

Now that you have entry level gear you are ready to start exploring the rest of Novea.

All the skilling supplies can be bought from Sigmund, I recommend you check out "Fastest Way to Get All Skills 99 by Auqment"

You can get your slayer tasks from kyrstilia outside the bank. I would recommend you pick medium tasks outside the wilderness at this stage. You can get some nasty tasks, which can be reset using ;;resettask with 150k in your invent. If your low on cash, back to the pyramid unfortunately.

Gear Progression
You want to work towards the following items. This can be done by voting each day, opening slayer caskets or simply running the pyramid. I recommend the first two.
  • Amulet of Fury - Vote box or bought from players
  • Abyssal Whip - Obtained through slayer, vote box or bought from players.
  • Barrows Armours (Karils for range, dharoks for melee, Ahrims for mage) - Vote box or bought from players
  • Dragon boots - Obtained through slayer or bought from players
  • Dragon defender - Bought using vote tickets or the warriors guild minigame
  • Fire cape - Bought using vote tickets
  • Fighter torso - bought using vote tickets
  • Blowpipe - Obtained from Zulrah or bought from players

Please remember to ask in the clan chat for help. You can use the ingame command ;;staff to find out who is online and drop them a private message instead.

Goodluck on your journey, feel free to ask me ingame for any tips after this guide.