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Aug's Ironman Guide


Rank 1 HCIM
Aug's Ironman Guide
By: Augment

Hello Noveans, today, I'll be making and ironman guide for you all so you have some tips to start of your grind right.

What Is Ironman Mode?

There are currently 4 options of ironman you can choose between, Standard Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and lastly Group Ironman. Below you can see your account type's restriction.


Note: Group ironman is same as standard but you can have a group up to 4 people and also 6x skilling rate instead of 10x.
Note: You cannot leave your ironman group, so choose your teamates wisely.

How Do I Become Ironman?

At the start of the game you'll be prompted by 'Novea Wizard' He'll ask you if you want to view ironman options as seen below.


Click option 'Yes' (obv) If you do wish to be a group ironman you can click the option below to do so.


Shopkeepers To Keep Note Of:

The only shopkeepers you really need to keep note of are highlighted in the picture below.

Sigmund, the guy in brown robes





Horvik, the guy with the hammer (beside sigmund)




Twiggy, the girl in the middle of the 3 npcs highlighted in the top row


Vote Manager, guy in red suit




Loyalty Chest, (Yes I know it's not a shopkeeper, but yeah keep note of it)



Mage Of Zamorak, (Level 5-7 Wildy)


Claims Manager, (Only worth to keep note of if you plan on donating)

Early Game:

In my opinion I suggest you get some skilling out of the way but first ::vote on all 3 sites as you can get 1m starter cash, vote mystery box which you can get abyssal whip and amulet of fury fairly commonly from (much greater rewards in them too), I'd recommend starting with thieving so you can get some early cash and herb seeds, following that I would do agility get it up to 70 for blue dragons or 80 if you want access to baby green dragons after that I would suggest you do 1-99 fishing then cooking so you can have some food while you do slayer. After thieving buy the following things from Sigmund:

Rune Scimitar 30k
Fire Staff 5k
Barrows Gloves 100k
Helm of Neiztnot 75k
Avas 50k
Rune Axe 15.5k
Rune Pick 15.5k
Small net 500 Coins
Lobster Pot 500 Coins
Harpoon 500 Coins
Tinderbox 250 Coins
Knife 250 Coins
Hammer 150 Coins
Chisel 55 Coins
Spade 500 Coins
Pestle and Mortar 5k
Rake 250 Coins
Seed Dibber 250 Coins
Secateurs 250 Coins
Gardening Trowel 250 Coins
2 Ropes 500 Coins
5k Vials of Water 50k
4 Bird Snares 2k
5 Box Traps 1.25k
Brown Apron 150 Coins
Climbing Boots 1k

Total Coins = 354,605

You can find the beginner stalls and slayer master outside of edge bank, as seen below.



After you accomplish all the above, I would recommend training combat stats to at least 70+ and kill a couple green dragons/baby green dragons so you can get 43 prayer to get pray attack so you can kill 1 jungle demon easily to get access to buy dragon scimitar for 100k from Twiggy, after that either get fighter torso from pest control or ::vote with vote tickets or ::store if you do wish to donate, after torso go to warriors guild and get dragon defender (remember to leave room and re-enter after every defender drop, dragon defender is downstairs in basement behind the guild btw) You can also get it from ::vote with vote tickets or ::store if you do with to donate. Also for rune armor drops you can kill revs or get from pyramid south of bank. For early range gear you can get void from either pest control or ::store if you do wish to donate. For early mage gear honestly just use the robes in the store until you get ahrims, that's what I did anyways. Also when you get 55 Slayer start grinding the hell out of cave horrors for black mask so you can get slayer helm, or you could donate for it at ::store if you do wish to donate.


Mid Game:

After you complete all of above, you should start grinding barrows to complete the following sets Dharok (Must Have), Guthans (Not really needed but the set effect is nice for slayer if you wanna save on food) Karils (Must Have) Ahrims Robe top and bottoms (Must Have) Veracs (Must Have) I put '(Must Have)' Because you will need these sets later on for bossing. Grind to at least 70 Prayer afterwards. After completion of barrows, grind slayer to 91+ for all bosses that require slayer levels. At level 85 Slayer if you don't have whip take a break from slayer or do ::resettask until you get abyssal demons task and grind for whip. After that grind kraken for tentacle whip and trident of the seas (this will help sooo much for Zulrah). After that you can do Zulrah for Serpentine Vissage and Blowpipe or you can do Dagannoth Kings for Berserker, Archer and Seer's Ring and Dragon Axe too. Also keep in mind grind for Zenyte gem for Amulet of torture and Necklace of Anguish, and D boots After you get all the gear above your pretty much ready to start grinding for endgame gear. Do fightcaves for firecape when you have 70+ ranged and the proper gear setup.

End Game:

After you completed getting all the gear listed above, you dont 'need' all of it but it will help greatly with this part. Once you get here you'll most likely have 90+ combat stats which is recommended for all the boss's ill be listing to grind shortly. Provided you kept up with your farming runs you should have a decent amount of super attack/strength/defence/restore pots and high end food (anglers, dark carbs, karambwans) I suggest you start by grinding for dragon warhammer for pretty much every boss after you get it. After the dwh grind its time to start grinding Godwars bosses for all their gears as you'll need it for raids. After completion of getting gwd armors start/learn raids for the real endgame armors/weapons After all thats completed theres lots of goals you can do like grinding for max stats going for all 200m stats, all pets etc.

This is no 'pro guide' of how to ironman mode this is just the way I went through it really. This is mainly just for newbies to get an idea of the mode and some starter tips and guides of how they can progress if they feel lost. Feel free to leave any feedback you want or additions that can be made. I hope you liked my guide have a great day/night feel free to pm me in game to if you need any further help 'Auqment' is my username.