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200m Capes


I've maxed on 3 or 4 oldschool private servers now, and I'm hoping for Novea to be next. After maxing I always run into one problem; I don't have any more skilling goals to set out for. I can go for 200m experience sure, but with no cape I find it hard to motivate myself that the journey will have any reward at the end.

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way, and I can guarantee that a lot of players quit after maxing because there's nothing else to do beyond bossing or pking. If we want to keep players on the server post max and maintain a long term community I think that 200m capes could be a great incentive to stick around and achieve this goal.

There is a difficulty in this update and I will address it here; OSRS does not have 200m capes and there might not be any existing models that we can rip.

It's possible that we can use some of the 200m cape models from other private servers, or they might not be compatible with our source. If there are no existing models these would have to be created custom. It's obvious that this occupies developer time and has the potential to take time from other updates players might want. I would like to hear feedback from the community, and hopefully input from the developers/staff about how much work it would take to implement this update.

This being said, I still believe that 200m capes are a fun way to show your commitment to a skill and display your complete mastery. This would motivate our players to shoot for higher goals and once the models are there it would be an easy update to deploy. I'm very excited about the prospect of this update!

Let me know what you think below. and if you support this please leave a reply. It helps to see how many people want this content.
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I support this concept, it'd be good to be able to show off achievement but also give people are reason to push themselves further!

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I like your input but personally this would be a no for me. But if it would be implemented in game I wouldn't be mad either.

I'm a big fan of this server since it only has one custom item that I know off, the Novea cape.

I'm not a big fan of custom items that's all.

Sorry to be the only negative comment on your thread. If you have more suggestions please say so!