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Hello there the pest again :)))) I was on osrs yesterday and did there holloween event and now i cant log into Novea it throws me back into runescape ?? what do i need to do. I actually like both of them. Im sure you are on both as well
Please leave NotaCatfish alone, he does enough damage to himself. I see him following me at home when Chris isn't looking.
yo , can i pick a goodie bag ?

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Please post on the event page under official events. I’ll be online shortly, running a last minute errand
Hello there again :)))) I have been trying to log in for a few hours now guess server is down:(((( keeps giving me error in connecting ..... Is server going to be up soon???? thank you so much Chris
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Chris T
Chris T
Server went down for a bit looking into it now brother
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We Pimp Chimpin
Hello again there are lots of bugs and cant finish elite clue scrolls cause npcs are not where they are suppose to be actually not there at all... I sure enjoy p[laying and would like to fix a house up and all but cant do that either. Thank you for all you do... I do hope all of this gets fixed soon
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Chris T
Chris T
Hey pinkie we're got our update scheduled for today, if you're aware of any NPCs missing you can PM Chas and he can put them in place with spawn powers ^^