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Welcome back - Launch Info - 4 PS4 Giveaways!

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Chris T

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LAUNCHES: April 1st 8PM GMT+1

Welcome back Noveans!

I am thrilled to announce our official launch on April 1st 8PM GMT + 1, We have placed a countdown timer until launch on the homepage.

The Past

If you've heard about Novea before, you know that with prioritisation on the economy side of the game we managed to hit peaks of 500+ players consistently.
Along the road we slowly changed our focus to the PKing side of the game while neglecting the PVM & Economy side.
Unfortunately, with most of our player-base being PVM & Economy oriented, we went into a slow and inevitable decline leading us to where we are now.

What we've been working on:

It's our goal to bring back the old Novea as you remember it, but this time better then ever.
We've been working and developing extremely hard these last months and are excited to announce the following content for you to enjoy upon launch day.


A huge piece of content we've been working on is mobile. Novea will be playable from all android phones. We'll make a guide on the forum soon on how to install it.



Another new addition will be Runelite. Runelite will offer all of the features you're used to having on OSRS to make your Novea experience that much better.


Group Ironman

If you enjoy playing with friends and competing against others, Group Ironman is the game-mode for you. Highscores will be available for this mode and we'll host a respectable road to max competition for prizes upon launch!

PK Tournaments

Novea has implemented a challenging Pking Tournament system that’s equivalent to the OSRS DMM Tournament.
We'll be holding daily PKing competitions for in-game prizes and 30M OSRS GP (can also be exchanged for credits/donator rank)!

The Future

We'll be focusing on the PVM & Economy side of the game while still maintaining PKing incentives to keep both types
of players happy. You can expect frequent updates from the Novea team. These updates are polled and voted on by the community.

However, our first update is set in stone: The Nightmare of Ashihama. This update will bring a new piece of content to the game and loads of new items which have recently been implemented into OSRS.

How do I win a Sony PlayStation 4?
We're going to be giving away four PlayStation 4 consoles. These will be given to:
  • The first player to achieve maximum total level on a regular account
  • The first player to achieve maximum total level on an regular ironman account
  • The first player to achieve maximum total level on a Hardcore ironman account
  • The first ironman group to reach maximum total level on all 4 accounts
If you don't want a PlayStation 4 we can also credit your Novea account instead or send you the equivalent amount through Paypal.
* Anyone found to be breaking any rules will be disqualified from the event, account sharing is also illegal in this competition so be cautious before deciding to do so.

Will I get something for being one of the first Novea players?
Yes, along with a chance to win prizes for the first to max competitions! All players that login on launch day
will receive an exclusive Novea day one cape.


We all hope to see you come back to the biggest OSRS Economy Server. Don’t forget to join our Discord for frequent updates and pictures!

The Novea team

Chris - Owner
Klepto - Developer
Lucas - Developer
Ari - Staff Directo
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