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Runecrafting 1-99 A comprehensive guide

blue zushi

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Hello everyone welcome to my 1-99 Runecrafting guide
I hope you find this informative and helpful!

Getting essence:
Lets start at the beginning, so you're going to need pure essence and I bet you want to know where's best to get it.
Well of course you can mine via the teleport wizard>skilling>mining>essence mine - regular.
(Ignore the dense mine for now we will come back to it later)


If its a viable option corporeal beast also drops noted 2500 pure essence fairly regularly.
Anyone who's not an ironman would also be able to quite easily buy them from players, if I'm on feel free to ask me for some.

Starting to runecraft:

Set you inventory full of rune essence and then go into your presets and select it as preset 1, then type in your auto-typer
": : preset 8" whenever you tp home un-pause the type and it will refill you inventory. Failing this click the preset its self and press "1".


Now run from the Edgeville wilderness to the zamorak mage located just south of the ditch, around level 7, right click him and click teleport.

You should now be inside the abyss.

In here there are multiple ways to get to the altars, mining, woodcutting, squeezing through the gaps, find what works best for you
personally I used the gaps.



Once you're through start with the air altar, look for it on the minimap and click it.

Now for 1-40 you just want to keep coming to the abyss this bits a bit crap but it gets easier very quickly so hang in there!

So you've hit 40, great. Now its easy, remember the preset we made earlier? now you can really utilise this.
Once you're 40 you can do Astral runes which are fast because of how close to the altar you spawn and now you're no longer in
the wilderness.
Use your preset to fill you inventory with essence you'll never go near the bank.
You want to use the wizard teleport at home to teleport to Lunar Isle via the General the cities teleport.


Do this till 77..


Get a pickaxe and a chisel

This is where things change a bit you will no longer use pure essence to runecraft, you will have to mine dense essence from the mine mentioned earlier it is untradeable so you have to do this yourself.

Once you have some dense essense you need to turn it into "dark essence blocks" this is done by climbing the rocks at the dense mine and running north.


You will come to another section climb over that too and begin running west, you will come across the altar shortly.

Make all your dense essence into dark essence blocks and bank them as they stack and fragments do not!

When you've made your dark essence blocks you need to make fragments by using a chisel on them, you can stack two invs by
chiselling one inv and then filling the next with blocks.
To get to the blood altar run west inside the dense essence mine and you will come to some different rocks to climb

Climb to the top and run south you will come to the blood altar


You train like this until 90.

Now you can make soul runes its the same method as blood runes except you have to run to the zamorak wizard again now, remember you will be skulled again.
This is the final stretch I recommend using a x2 xp scroll while doing this for some crazy xp rates.

I hope this has been helpful and covered everything if it has missed anything please comment below or message me on discord.

Special thanks to: Ryan


If you think I've missed something please message me on here or discord and I will add with credits.

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