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Patch Notes 4/28/22

Mr Sparc

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Hello Noveans!
Following today's restart, some minor changes were implemented into the game.

Mr. Purple
mr purple.png

Remember those pesky Purple Sweets drops the Crystalline Creatures used to drop?
They have since been replaced by the new Crystal Shards drops.
Mr. Purple has arrived at the Crystalline Lair and is in search of these Purple Sweets.
He is willing to offer you Crystal Shards in exchange for your Purple Sweets.

In other news....

The Costume Room now correctly holds your Chicken suit from the Easter Event

A major bug with The Nightmare has been patched (Credits to: Z X C V B)

The Maxed Title and The Generous Title have both been fixed

Players may now do ::WOGW to view the status of the Well of Goodwill AND how much you have donated in total
wogw command.png

The following NPC's drop tables in the wilderness have been fixed:
- Lesser Demons (rev cave)
- Greater Demons (rev cave)
- Ice Giants (rev cave)
- Black Dragons (rev cave)
- Black Demons (rev cave)
- Ankous (rev cave)
- Green Dragons (rev cave)
- Hell Hounds (rev cave)
- Pyrefiends (Wildy GWD)
- Icefiends (Wildy GWD)
- Spiritual Mages (Wildy GWD)

- Giant Rats have been added to the wilderness North of Varrock
- Spiritual Mages in the Wilderness GWD have been fixed

Some other drop tables have been adjusted for balance purposes (aka less of useless items/non-functional items)

The Ancient Mace has been added to the Wilderness Point Shop, some other prices were adjusted

Some back-end utilities have been adjusted in order to maintain stability.

Happy Gaming,
- Novea Development Team​
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