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Patch Notes 4/21/22

Mr Sparc

Forums & Discord Manager

Hello Noveans!
Following today's restart, some minor changes were implemented into the game.

New Titles are now available to be unlocked from the Makeover Mage at home!

"The Killer"
"The Nerd"
"Big Voter"
"The Generous"
Are all now available.

Group Ironmen are also now able to change their titles.

The Golden Tench now has the "Smack" option, smack around your friends with this prestigious item!

Diango's Claws' delay has been reduced

You will no longer lose unique items whilst having a full inventory and looting the Enhanced Crystal Chest and the Larran's Chest

A new Global Announcement has been added in-game to the "News" Broadcasts

Minor other bug fixes

Happy Gaming,
- Novea Development Team​
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