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Novea updates 8/19/2022

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Noveans, we've heard your wants and desires in the gambling scene.
As of today, no longer will you need a middle man to feel safe about your flower poker games!

The Novea Gambler has contributed a lump sum to bring a new attraction to the Home area!

Introducing Auto-Gamble!



Angelic Donator

You may now unlock a new Donator Rank, the Angelic Donator.

Some of the perks include:
- Access to the Godlike Zone
- Exclusive access to the Flying Ring (White knight in ;;gz)
- 9 Total Exodia kills per day
- 30% Drop Rate increase during PVM
- Minimal ::yell cooldown
- An extra preset

- Inherited perks of all other ranks

Alongside the new Donator Rank, Godlike Donators may now access a new Zone
To get to this Godlike zone, either type ;;gz, ;;godlikezone, or go through the portal in the donator zone upper floor


This zone includes new features including:
- 1.5x XP Rates inside the zone
- Seren's Altar (acting as a wilderness chaos altar)
- Crystal Shard Mining
- Crystal Shard Woodcutting
- Singing bowl for converting crystal shards into enhanced crystal keys
- Anglerfish spots
- NPC That cooks your fish for you
- White Knight gifting Flying Rings to Angelic Donators

- A new dungeon with exciting monsters

The Donator Shop


The Credit Manager has a brand new shop for players to use in-game
Consider this, the discounted ::store

The shop uses Novea Credits as currency, and when you make purchases in it,
Your $ spent for Donator Rank is increased just as it would in the ::store

This shop will be used to run monthly sales, and introduce exclusive items to the game!

The First Item on display for this month will be:

The Ring of 3rd Age


Collection Log Changes

New Collection Log entries will now send you a notification for unlocking the item
Collecting your completed log rewards will now send a broadcast for the world to know of your accomplishment

Some of the Collection Log rewards have been buffed according to the time it takes to complete

Several other PVM areas have received broadcasts for rare loots including

- and a few others


In Other News...

No longer will you receive duplicate pets for having one in the POH Menagerie
Achieving 200m in ALL Skills will now send a nice broadcast to the world (Tbk, if you gain 1xp yours will trigger)
GIM's will now have their symbol displayed in chat
Some of the collection log rewards have been buffed
Dark Totem pieces have had their drop rates increased
The Bow of Faerdhinen now has a new attack graphic
The ::Train command can be used to get to sand crabs
Each Donator Rank now has a new title at the title manager
Clipping on several items has been fixed
Burnt Pages have been added to the battle point shop at ::mb
You may now craft Xerician robe set

Some tournaments have received an upgrade/overhaul. Look out for the new changes!

*NOTE* The client has been updated, if you are using the .jar version of the game, download the new .jar at

https://noveaps.com/download/ down at the bottom.

Thank you all for your continued support, more is to come soon Noveans <3
- Novea Development Team
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