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Novea Updates 6/24/2022

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Hello Noveans!
Today's update consists of some highly requested content in the game.


The Collection Log

*Queue C Engineer - "Completed"


To get started, a new traveler has made his way to Edgeville.

The Collector


You may receive a Collection Log from The Collector and also claim rewards for completing logs!

The Current Collection Log is tracking all PVM activities.
We are still exploring means to track pets and other non-pvm activities.
We are also open to suggestions for additional/different rewards.

Pets have received a much needed overhaul

As of today's update:
- All pets in POH show proper versions of the pet
- Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Pet now has it's metamorphic version

The Little Nightmare Pet makes it's debut in Novea!

The Drop Rate for Little Nightmare is currently 1/750

The Rock Golem can now be transformed into it's different rock variants!
You may purchase a Rock Animation Scroll from Percy at Motherlode Mine
You must use this scroll on your Rock Golem to transform it!


The Tangleroot Pet may now be transformed into it's different variants!
To achieve this, you must complete the New Master Achievement - Magical Farmer
Upon completion of this Achievement, you may purchase the items to transform this pet from Twiggy in Edgeville.
(Note: To transform it back into it's original version, simply use some weeds on the pet in your inventory)

In Other News...

- Olmlet droprate has been reduced to 1/150 (upon receiving a unique)
- The Locator Orb is now available for purchase from the Vote Shop
- Some new items have been added to Sigmund's Shop

(Whip, Fury, Gmaul, Dboots)
- The Nightmare Boss now drops the Jar of Dreams
- The Alchemical Hydra now drops the Jar of Chemicals
- The Infernal Harpoon has been fixed to be assembled at proper levels
- The Ardougne Cloak now has it's proper teleports
- The Thieving Pet rates have been fixed to proper rates

Thank you all for your continued support, more is to come soon Noveans <3
- Novea Development Team
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