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Hunters Association

The Hunters Association

Hello and welcome everyone,
From looking for full fledged hunters to help you in your battle's against the fiercest of monsters or simply just some friendly company to hunt the priceless treasures this world has to offer, The hunters Association is the place to start off your adventures in the world of novea

The Hunters Association wil have a few requirements to join. This wil be detemined by the Hunters Exame where you wil be assigned to a instructor in groups of 2 and wil be asked to complete hunter contract's these are called "Slayer Quests", most profitable monster require a high slayer level to fight and we want to help you develop your skills to get the most out of your adventures.

After you reached Slayer level 90 you wil earn your very own hunters licence and wil be fully registered in The Hunters Association's Database

The Hunters Association is mostly a PVE clan,
ofcourse the road you take after earning your Hunters Liceance is all up to you.

Goodluck Adventurer