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How to ignore people

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Hello, this is my guide on how to ignore people so you don't see their yells, messages in chat or clan chat messages!
Why should you ignore someone? It could be many reasons, they're rude, you simply don't like them, they annoy you etc.

By: Augment

1st step:
  1. Click The Yellow Smiley Icon At The Bottom Right Side Of Your Screen
  2. Then Click The Red Frown Face On The Upper Right Corner Of Your Friends List Box
  3. Following That Click The 'Add Name' Icon At The Bottom Left Of That Box
  4. Here You Will Type The In Game Name Of The Person You Want To Ignore!
  5. Want To Unignore Them? Simply Just Click The 'Del Name' Icon To The Right Of The 'Add Name' Icon
  6. To Get Back To Your Friends List Press the Smiley Face Icon At The Upper Right Corner Of The Ignore Box
  7. At Last! You're Done! Thank You For Reading My Guide!
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