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Creating A Preset


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How To Create A Preset

Presets Are Used For Either Pking/Pvming/Skilling When You Click The Preset You Want Whatever Gear You Were Wearing, Stuff That Was In Your Inventory, Mage Book Selected Will Automatically Be Dumped Into Your Character.

1.) If you do not have an item in your bank that is in your preset, it will obviously not be put in your inventory to prevent duping.

2.) Presets are very useful when skilling in Edgeville as they will get you far more xp/hr
3.) If you have items in your inventory and use a preset, they will automatically go into your bank

Step 1: Go To Your Quest Tab

Step 2: Go To The Red Gem In Quest Tab

Step 3: Click The 'Empty' Option, (Donors Will have more)

Step 4: Create The Preset

Step 5: Click 'Yes'

Step 6: Choose A Name For Said Preset

Step 7: Congrats You Have Now Made A Preset

Step 8: To Use A Preset Go Back To The Preset Tab By Following Steps 1-3 Then Click On The Preset You Wish To Use Or You Can Use ;;preset 8 (The Preset Command Will Be Fixed Don't Worry)
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This is great information I was messing around with presets yesterday but didnt fully understand it. Now I do! Thank you my friend.