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    Chambers of Xeric - FULL RAIDS GUIDE

    Very detailed guide. Well done. Will definitely be using this. Hats off to you.
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    iphone mobile?

    Unfortunately, Apple is very strict with what apps are allowed on their phones, so no. You'd have to play on an Android device or on a computer.
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    Server Down

    A bunch of people are on atm
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    My return

    Welcome back! I don't know you, but I'm looking forward to talking to you.
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    Back again with the RNG. Not using a pet scroll.

    I got mine at like 8 KC :D
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    RuneWars 3

    Definitely gonna be there
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    Rate Novea's staff team

    Owner: Chris T - (10/10) Reason: Always busy with the server. Seems chill. Staff Director: Chas - (-/10) Reason: Don't know them too well, but no reason to say anything negative. Senior Management Team: Fallen Angel - (-/10) Reason: Seen them in-game here and there, but haven't really...
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    I'm not funny enough to participate, but I'll def be there for the laughs
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    Future content ideas?

    These are great ideas. Blast furnace probably being my favorite :P