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    Lmao. Abby demon RNG is insane.

    I love the abyssal Demons, easy to kill, not super boring and the drops are worth it.
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    Skill cape MAX IT OUT

    Skill cape MAX IT OUT
  4. Chas

    Live Stream and Ultimate Boss fight

    Live Stream and Ultimate Boss fight LIVE STREAM LINK CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE STREAM This Saturday the 26th at 11:00 PM GMT Click Here to Convert Time Rules are simple, don't die and kill CHAS! YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO KILL ASSISTING STAFF FOR THIS EVENT. (REASON WHY IS THEY WILL BE ON...
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    Unable to play on PC

    you can also download the .jar file at the bottom of the download on that page. Please make sure that you have updated java as well.
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    Get the staff wasted!-live stream with spoilers!

    Must not know me because I can drink like a sailor. I’m even going to open the bottle new just for y’all to see me finish it.
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    Get the staff wasted!-live stream with spoilers!

    I support this message.
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    Skilling for Credits

    Skilling for Credits This will be a very easy event, first 3 people to show a picture of the items in inventory will win the credits. 1) 500 Trout/Salmon 2) 500 Mithril Bars 3) 200 Bones (regular bones) 4) 250 Hard Leather 5) 50 Blue Dragon Hides 6) 500 Willow Short Bow(u) 7) 250 Flax...
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    Please post on the event page under official events. I’ll be online shortly, running a last...

    Please post on the event page under official events. I’ll be online shortly, running a last minute errand
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    Novea Updates [7/08/2020]

    And good to go
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    You're server is a toxic place that is unfair to new players i will be slandering this server everywhere i promise you!

    You aren’t banned and can always come back, I’m sorry that you felt the way you did but from what I saw in chats nothing was fully agreed on and you did not use a MM. If you stay with Novea please use a MM for future betting and please reach out to a staff member with proof so we can take...
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    MAX ACCOUNT RACE EVENT STARTS 7/25 at 00:00 GMT (MIDNIGHT) If you need to convert to your time zone this will help you -(click the link)-> Time Converter Rules and Regulations 1) Must create account at time of event start. (logs will be checked and no exceptions will be made) 2) A picture...
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    Flower Poker Tournament 10m Buy-In

    Flower poker tournament! DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED DUE TO LITTLE REGISTRATIONS When? 18:00 UTC Sunday 7/19 Where? ;;LMS The only thing you need to do to join this flower poker event is pay 10m cash. No items. Reply here or PM Slepz on discord and we will reach out to you as soon as...
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    PK Sunday

    PK Sunday- Starting at time of post and ending at posting being closed (24 hours). All players that post kill pictures will be entered into a drawing for a VLS. The top 3 players with the most Kill Pictures posted will be awarded a 1st / 2nd / 3rd prizes or equivalent gp. NO BOOSTING -you...
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    Novea Updates [7/06/2020]

    Great work! Happy to see the Server growing.
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    Find the Goody Bag with proof of Vote

    Event is back online and starting from this point I have some new items that I'm tossing in, this is just a few of what it will look like.
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    Find the Goody Bag with proof of Vote

    Find the Goody Bag. McTerso and Myself will both be hosting Goodie Bags through out the days. Check with both of us when online to make your guess. We are both going to have different items from Fury(s), Berserker Rings, Clue Reqrds, Abbyssal Dagger (p++), Abyssal Bludgeon, Bandos Armor, and...
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    Flower Poker Tournament - FREE BUY IN

    Winners posted, thanks for another successful event.
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    Flower Poker Tournament - FREE BUY IN

    Flower Poker Tournament Rules and Regulations 18:00 UTC Sunday 5/31 Winners Circle - 1st - Dave123 2nd - What Up Dood 3rd - L A X Each player will be allowed to compete one time PER PLAYER NOT ACCOUNT. ANY PLAYER that is found to have more than one entry will be disqualified and jailed for...
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    The Novea - BATTLE ROYAL

    BATTLE ROYAL - Novea Style May 24th (Sunday) at 17:00 UTC All players that are not in ;;Da at 17:00 UTC WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE NO EXCEPTIONS This event once started will go until the last man is standing. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE RULES YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED IF YOU DO NOT...