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  1. Baccus

    Party's 1-99 Fishing/Cooking Guide

    Great guide, but why do sharks give less xp than monk fish..
  2. Baccus

    Zushi's farewell

    Ahh man, best of luck to you in all you do man..
  3. Baccus

    Server Down

    Says no reply hmm
  4. Baccus

    RuneChronic's Introduction

    Welcome man! Great people here wont regret it :)
  5. Baccus

    110 vote tickets 2m ea

    110 vote tickets 2m ea
  6. Baccus

    Creating A Preset

    Damn man I did not know this. Yet again, great little guide aug.. :)
  7. Baccus

    Aug's Ironman Guide

    Damn Aug great guide, might even try myself.. :D
  8. Baccus

    Galvek made EZ =)

    Great guide good depth!