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  1. Fallen Angel

    Selling Red P Hat

    How much Godrick
  2. Fallen Angel

    this guy

    this guy
  3. Fallen Angel

    Watsup all!

    Welcome to Novea man! i hope you enjoy the server and have fun on your adventure. please let staff know if you need any assistance!
  4. Fallen Angel

    [Staff Application Requirements]

    yessir! <3
  5. Fallen Angel

    Rune Wars Version 2

    Nice works NightHawk, keep it up mate!
  6. Fallen Angel


    Heck yeah NightHawk! excellent idea! perfection at its finest!
  7. Fallen Angel

    Find the Goody Bag with proof of Vote
  8. Fallen Angel

    The Novea - BATTLE ROYAL

    nice man!