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    Hello :D

    Welcome Ty, glad you noticed the amazing community! Let me know if you ever need help or down to chat :)
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    New Player to Novea

    Nice to meet you rich! I hope you enjoy your stay and I'll see you out there :)
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    What do you want?

    love these ideas, especially the gambling tournament idea with a small buy in but a big bracket. The only issue in my eyes with the tank event is what happens every time, a big clan just takes over / Merks anyone who spawns. It’d be interesting to do in singles but everyone is still allowed to...
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    Loot from 1k Vote & Mystery & Super Mystery Boxes~

    Ahhhh love to see those rare loots from drop table
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    Donator Zone Rework

    * I just went to check for you.. have you tried hopping across the stones since you are a super donator? You'll get to the other skilling spots like smithing, hunter, teak logs for construction, etc. The 10 isn't bad since at 50 you unlock all the extra plus I just like the title :p P.S. There's...
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    Well of Goodwill

    Yes, this idea is insanely good to get money out of the game. I have seen the well be placed at 100-500m in other servers. However, our eco is better so the price tag is definitely negotiable thus just a ballpark. Everybody just loves donating for that hour or two of bonuses
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    Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #3

    Love the updates brotha! Goodluck at Arma
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    Some people,

    Hahaha of course but there’s nothing you can do about it you know what I mean? There’s always gonna be those; try to merk em to shut them up ❤️
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    100 elites completed - looking fancier than Chris himself ??

    Catfish over here looking like he runs Wall Street during the day and Novea at night
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    2FA 'Two Factor Authentication' Guide

    Great Guide Ju! (And I don't mean that in a derogatory way ;) ) This does require an extra step but for those that are unfamiliar with this, it basically locks down your account with extra security, I've never heard of someone getting hacked with 2FA
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    Advertising Novea

    Nice of you to do considering you can get banned :)
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    Staff Appreciation post

    Hey oly, thanks for making this post. Our staff got abused during the first week of launch and I know because I was sadly one of them LOL. They really have made a complete 360 with some great additions to the team. All of them are extremely efficient in helping players out anytime I see...
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    Slayer task done xp

    Interesting idea but I get pretty decent Xp on the harder slayer tasks, maybe when you go on a streak you earn a nice little XP drop every 5,10,25 Completed in a row or so??
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    McTerso's Introducing

    Welcome bro! Already had the pleasure of meeting you in discord.. I’ll be the guy chatting your ear off while your peacefully tryna fish
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    24 Voting Mystery Box Opening + Goodie Bag

    Whatsup everybody! So, I was interested in the drop table of the voting mystery box so I collected 24... (Harder than you think despite them being tradeable) Now, I'm also doing a goodie bag for all the items I receive!!!! It will be 1-24 for the first 24 comments In the future, I may try...
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    Loot from 61 elite clues

    I saw this dude flaunting the rainbow afro.. it's no joke ;)
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    Novea Updates [16/04/2020]

    extremely satisfied, great job team!
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    Iron Mark - Road To Max Cape #1

    Looks like an account ready for the grind to me
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    Re Launch Giveway!

    #Novea2020 love the idea!
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    Hey!!! Welcome, hope to see you around. P.S. I’ll be in wildy resource area for a while xD