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  1. D3xterr

    Log me out please

    Fixed, locked.
  2. D3xterr

    Novea Updates 2/17/2023

    Good work brother! I know we talk daily about things and you never fail to amaze me.
  3. D3xterr

    Novea Updates 1/31/23

    Awesome work brother! Love the updates and the new content!
  4. D3xterr

    Cant log in

    Fixed, locked.
  5. D3xterr

    Novea Updates 1/16/23

    Good work man! Love the update to the pyramid and getting marks of grace from it.
  6. D3xterr

    Novea Updates 1/3/2023

    Awesome news Sparc! Keep up the good work.
  7. D3xterr

    Novea Updates 12/24/2022

    Good job Sparc, you never fail to throw out an amazing update!
  8. D3xterr

    stuck in game.

    Fixed! Locking this.
  9. D3xterr

    New Adventure

    Welcome to Novea Maxwel. I totally agree with you when it comes to those long grinds on Runescape. I'm older myself, full time job, girlfriend and I just don't have the time to do that anymore either. Novea is a great place to be, great place to hangout and it's a lot of fun. Enjoy the server...
  10. D3xterr


    Welcome back man, let me know if you need anything.
  11. D3xterr

    Novea Updates 10/15/2022

    Good update brother! I know you worked hard on this and some long hours behind that screen.
  12. D3xterr

    Introduction - D3xterr

    Hello Novea, My name is Chris (D3xterr) and I'm about to turn 29 years of age at the end of September. I'm from Orlando, FL (Born and Raised - aka FL0GR0WN). I'm a full time Law Enforcement Officer with a little over 7 years of experience and love what I do. I'm currently trying to transition...