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    Novea Updates 1/28/2022

    Good job Sparc!
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    need help on slayer task

    You gotta range or mage the ones in ardy zoo
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    Novea Updates 20/11/2021

    Awesome update guys! Special thanks to Sparc!
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    Can't launch game

    Hey, at first welcome to the server buddy! Might be something blocking it if you are trying to run it? Make sure to check that. If you want a more quick response, feel free to join our discord! More people can help you by there, maybe someone else got this problem once before! -McChouffe
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    Forgotten Password

    Chriss can change your password, dm him on discord please
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    Hi all (maybe new player!)

    Welcome to the server I hope you'll enjoy the grinds! If you have any questions feel free to pm me on discord or in game!
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    Slayer task stuck

    You probably got a wilderness task. Try kill the amount of monsters that you got as task in the wilderness and let me know if it worked
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    Abyssal Sire mock video Enjoy

    Looks pretty nice man! Looking forward to another one :D
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    Skillis is ready.

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    It can be refunded by Chris / Fallen or 248
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    Welcome man!
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    Hello First of all welcome to the server! Is your problem fixed already or do you still can't claim your purchases? If not we will figure it out! Feel free to join our discord channel to get a quicker response! Cheers McChouffe
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    Novea Updates 2/4/2021

    Seems greaaaaaaaaaaaat!
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    Nice meeting y'all!

    Hello man! Welcome to the server and goodluck on the grinds! If you have any questions feel free to pm me (as I'm ironman also)
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    Help, says accounts logged in

    You good right now? Sorry for the late answer mate
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    Pikkis pk video

    Nice vid man!
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    still signed in ???

    I kicked you out :P If you have this problem again, tell us in discord please
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    still signed in ???

    Still need help?
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    I have returned

    Hey man! Glad to see you're back!
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    Ely Raffle