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    Biggest Novea 1-28 vote goodiebag event!
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    Biggest Novea 1-28 vote goodiebag event!
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    Biggest Novea 1-28 vote goodiebag event!
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    Pikkis pk video

    Nice vid man!
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    Biggest Novea 1-28 vote goodiebag event!
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    still signed in ???

    I kicked you out :P If you have this problem again, tell us in discord please
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    still signed in ???

    Still need help?
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    I have returned

    Hey man! Glad to see you're back!
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    Ely Raffle
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    Ely Raffle
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    Ely Raffle
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    Ely Raffle
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    Novea Updates 17/1/2021

    Looking forwayd to learn this! Great job guys <3
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    I can't register

    Normally you can log in in the client with your forum account, make sure you don't make any mistakes in your name/password
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    GIM Highscores

    I'm also a group iron. And I hope we can have some hiscores for our groups, individual must be prior. Group hiscores would be nice if its possible!
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    Thanks man! Much appreciate for you!
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    Donation problem

    Hey man, try to buy the credits in store if you want them in game. You can claim your bought items at the Credit Manager in game. If you have some more questions feel free to ask in game Also big thanks for donating to the server!
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    resetting hp

    That's something you can ask Chris for!
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    Chambers of Xeric - FULL RAIDS GUIDE

    What an awesome guide, a lot of people will love it! Great job !
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    Novea Updates 29/11/2020

    Whoop whoop! Sick guys, good work! :D