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    Ely Raffle
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    Ely Raffle
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    Novea Updates 17/1/2021

    Great work fellow staff team and beta testers and all of our devs helping out so much to make novea so great!
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    Clan Vs Clan Event

    Welcome back to another one of Novea's event Gameplay: Last Clan standing will win We will set up clans so not one clan will be stacked Each clan will be given the same gear which has not been decided yet. Some players may be swapped around due to uneven teams. This will be taking place...
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    Teaching Raids

    Hello Fellow Noveans It has came to my attention that not a lot of the community that not a lot of people know how to do Chambers of Xerics at this moment. So I am putting together this thread for people that are in this situation to not be afraid to ask me to help you how to learn how to raid...
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    Pvp.... but with a twist

    Bet! Sign me up!
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    Novea Updates 29/11/2020

    Great look at the update Chris and Developer team! Keep up the great work